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Moody Man is here!

What makes a man moody ಠ_ಠ? Stressful work, disappearing money and perhaps, a creepy wife. Embark a journey with Moody Man in avoiding these responsibilities and survive as long as you can!

That’s the description of my newly published Android game – Moody Man. 😀


Here is the link to the game in Google Play Store

Some background on the app:

1. The Moody Man design was first generated during my trip back home on a double-decker bus. The disapprove emoji ಠ_ಠ and Japan’s super hard Mario cat both came into my mind suddenly, and I have the urge to create something out of them.

ಠ_ಠ + Super hard mario cat  = Moody Man

2. I sketched Moody Man using Excel spreadsheet on the same bus and named it Moody Man since the atmosphere was very moody during that time. Probably because people were napping on the bus after a long day of work and at the same time it was raining outside.

3. The gameplay was a remade / copy of Swing Copters, which is another game made by the creator of Flappy Bird. It’s amazing that such simple game can attract so many users and went viral! I got the basic code of the game logic working on the same bus again the next day.

4. Spent most of my time the next few days during the commute to and back from work working on this. The hardest part is without internet connection to search for help when I am stuck..

5. The idea of avoiding “life responsibility” comes from my fiancee. She asked:”What actually makes Moody Man feel moody? How about his wife?” Lol. So I search online and managed to find a creepy bride emoji     to put into the game. At the same time, I added laptop with pie chart  (to represent work) and money with wings(to represent expenses), both of these also from her ideas.

Surprisingly, this app took me about 7 days from idea to getting published in Play Store, which is much shorter compared to my first app – IntelliBirdBird (took about a month plus). The most time-consuming part or least enjoyable part is getting the necessary assets (images, sounds plus all the editing) for the game. It does make me feel moody sometimes hahaha.

Some technical info about the app:

The app was built using libgdx, a game development framework based on Java. The good thing about libgdx is that you write all your game logic in Java, and you can compile it for various platforms (i.e. Android, iOS and Web) afterward. I reference a lot to this tutorial when building my first game, and I still find it very useful for Moody Man when I was building it. Definitely recommended if you would like to learn about libgdx as well.

At last, here is the link to the app in Google Play Store again

Go check it out and let me know what you think! I would like to have it in Apple App Store as well, however, it cost quite a bit with the developer account if it doesn’t get enough traction 😢 Hopefully I see some light in this before I reapply for the account again!




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