Lateeee Updateee

LOL It has been 1.5 years since my last update. There were so many things happened and I regretted not sitting down and record these events in the blog.. Things gonna change and I will make myself update this blog at least once every week from now on! (or at least notify myself if I am gonna disappear for a while..)

So let me recall the major events happened.

4th Jan 2016 – My last day in GIC Pte Ltd

11th Jan 2016 – My first day in Skyscanner Pte Ltd

Jan 2016 – I released IntelliBirdBird in Apps Store! And update the game from Christmas to Chinese New Year version

Mar 2016 – I went Edinburgh for Skyscanner induction, and met my younger brother who is studying over there in University of Edinburgh

End Mar – Early Apr 2016 – Went Japan with friends, visited Tokyo and Osaka

Apr 2016 – Completed my probation in Skyscanner, yay! The 2 main assignment is to create scraper for Rayani Airline and Hutchgo Travel, as part of Skyscanner’s search flow. (Rayani Airline went bankrupt subsequently due to lots of issues, one of it was to distribute handwritten boarding pass =_=)

Jun 2016 – Went Europe (Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, London and Edinburgh) with parents for trip and also for my brother’s graduation. Happy graduation!

What were I doing third quarter of the year? Couldn’t remember if there was anything major …

September 2016 – Made the decision to propose with my girlfriend 🙂

28th December 2016 – Went Japan with my girlfriend, and proposed at Mt. Bajiodake @ Mikatagoko lake, yay! Probably will dedicate a whole blogpost for this in the near future 🙂

Jan 2017 – IntelliBirdBird didn’t get enough traction, LOL so I didn’t continue the iOS developer plan. It costs $99 USD / year… too expensive if I didn’t keep creating app in apps store. Whereas Android’s Playstore costs only $25 USD for lifetime haha, so the bird still lives over there

Feb 2017 – My aunt passed away. I still remembered we were talking about my wedding during one day in Jan 2017.  She said “not sure if I can attend your wedding at the end of the year”. I smiled and just thought it was a joke since everything was fine at that moment. Nothing really came into mind that one can leave us anytime.. it was really a sad event for our family.

Moving on..

May 2017 – Went Lombok with friends, hiked Mt. Rinjani, snorkelling at Gili Islands and road trip in South Kuta area. I find that the hike is much more fun + challenging + luxury? at the same time. Probably I will dedicate a blog post for this as well 🙂

End May 2017 – Early Jun 2017 – Went Melbourne with family, had road trip to Great Ocean Road and Phillip Island.

and.. here we are in June 2017. In the midst of preparing our wedding, and we going to register in 2 weeks time. Looking forward to that yet I am a bit nervous haha. Will definitely put some words here when it’s done 🙂

Before closing off, I would like to make some commitment over here for my upcoming plan. First thing is that I am going to write more in this blog from now on. Content wise I am thinking to continue to share interesting stuff that happened in my life, + some technical stuff or assignment that I am going to study in the machine learning field. Yeah, machine learning is soooo popular nowadays and everyone is talking about it. I hope that I can make myself commit into this by sharing what I have learnt and recap it in the form of blogpost, so that the memory stay still and I have a side documentation created at the same time 🙂 I have been discovering this field on and off in the past year, but things don’t really move forward. So I hope this can result in a better outcome!

Ok, this post is meant to be kick start my journey again. Therefore it’s supposed to be short and sweet. Until the next post, see ya!



5th June 2016






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