Hiking Gunung Ledang

Ever heard of Puteri Gunung Ledang ? There was this saying that the Melaka Sultan heard of her beauty and wanted to marry her. However the princess came out with few sets of condition for the Sultan to fulfill. Vaguely remember one is to have his son’s blood.. o_O This story also became a literature study in my seconday school eventually. Anyway, 2 weeks ago my housemate and friends invited me for a hiking trip to this mountain. Why not ? 🙂

So on 15th Aug early morning we departed from our house and make our way to Malaysia. We first reached at Kluang after 4+ hours, and our dear friend who has reached Kluang the day before fetched us for breakfast. Over there we met another 2 friends, and we left off to the mountain after our breakfast. The journey took another 1 and a half hour before we have reached the foot of the mountain.

GL - welcome to gunung ledang

Welcome to Gunung Ledang

We met our friends’ colleague over there as well. They are 40-50 years old uncle, but they are so strong and experience in hiking ! Their pace was on par with us 20-30 years old kid. I was so impressed. Back to the story, after settled some SOP, had our package lunch, we set off at 2pm in the afternoon and started our journey to the campsite!

GL - forest


To show I am carrying stuff lol!


Around 3 hours + of hiking and resting in several checkpoints, we finally reached our campsite! You know the feeling of accomplishing certain milestone of your project. It feels really good xD We started to set up our tent immediately. This was my first time doing it.. not too difficult with help from other experienced friend 😛


1 million condo in Singapore

Nearby our campsite there was a pond for you to bath, do some washing or as a source of drinking water. The water was so cold but you felt so refreshing after you made your first step walking into the water. There was also a lot of small fishes but somehow I can’t really touch them. Amazed by how ancient people manage to catch fishes using spear.

GL - pool

Small little pond with rocks and fishes

After 20-30 minutes resting in the cold pond, we went back up to the campsite and start setting up our stove and campfire. With lighter and some paper, the process to set up campfire became much simpler. There was also a lot of dry woods sitting around the ground so it wasn’t that difficult to collect.

GL - setting fire

Setting up or playing? with campfire

Food were mainly biscuits, snacks, cup noodles and coffees. We were chilling around for 1-2 hours, before the sun starts to set and sky became dark. We even heard of thunder but luckily it didn’t rain! The campfire then became the only source of lights (with our own torchlight too).

GL - dark
I went to sleep around 8.30pm though couldn’t really fall asleep due to the ventilation of air. Not used to sleep on the hard ground as well, in the end I think I slept for .. 30 minutes? before woke up at 2am to prepare for the second part of the journey! We cooked water for coffees and had some biscuits again for breakfast, and off we go again for the peak of the mountain! We spent around 30-40 minuets for each checkpoint, and we even surpassed the previous team which departed 1 hour earlier. That was fast ! The guide also impressed by our speed and also the speed of Uncle’s. haha. The final trail included some rope course and ladder. Exciting !

We reached the peak of the mountain around 5.20am! This was when I showed my “noobiness” in hiking lol. Initially I was laughing at my friend for wearing long pants, ’cause it was very hot when we first started climbing the mountain in the midnight. Then when winds start to blow on top of the mountain, everyone was putting on their jacket and I was still wearing short sleeve t-shirt and short pants.. @@ well, lesson learnt haha. The sky was full of stars and this is what we couldn’t see back in the cities..

Around 6:30am we started to see the dawnlight. However midst and clouds started to form at the same time and we were a little bit worry that we couldn’t see the sunrise. Luckily in the end there was a tiny part of the cloud whereby the sun wasn’t blocked by it! Mission accomplished and we were delighted!

GL - sunrise

The sunrise seen from Gunung Ledang

GL - clouds

Feather-ish cloud

Spent another 15 minutes after the sunrise for some phototaking and embrace the the nature, we started to head back to our campsite again. Down slope was less tiring, but also muscle and bone intensive! This was the 2nd time where I was impressed by the uncle as they don’t seems to slow down when hiking down the mountain. It took us around 1 hour to reach campsite, spent another 1 hour to chill and tidy up before we start our engine again to head back to the base. Guide was expecting to take 2 hours, but we managed to reach the base in less than 1 and a half hour 🙂

It feels good to step on the ground lol. Clean up ourselves afterwards, drove back and spent the rest of the afternoon back in Kluang, and back to Singapore in the evening. No jam, custom not crowded and everything back to normal again when we reached home.

Appreciate this 2 days 1 night journey to camp and hike the mountain. There was this saying, when you immersed yourself into the nature , you will realize that you are so tiny and minimal compare to the world. So why bothered by small little stuff in life? So BK, stop being angry all the time haha.



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