Hello world, hello bkbklim :)

Greetings from bklim! After so long, I finally got my website up and running ! hooray!

I have always wanted to have my personal website 1-2 years back. While there is a lot of platform / social media out there to share your feeling and your story, I felt that there is still a little bit of gap between myself and the platform… well not anymore! wuahaha with my own website / working space / playground, I believe things will get much more interesting, in the sense that I can freely explore different kind of ways to express myself.

Sometimes I have problem finding back certain info or knowledge after a period of time. Therefore I would like to utilize this platform to share things that I learn (particularly development skills or other interesting info), at the same time digitize the same piece of knowledge. I used to note down some of the common programming function that I frequently use, in the end it was so hard for me to dig the same piece of info out and I have to ask Mr. Google the same question again, and again, and again… I am using wordpress for this blogging portion of my website, which I believe the search function will come in very handy 🙂 Same thing goes for my blog post, next time if my girlfriend ask me where did we go during a specific date, I should have no problem answering it with my own little knowledge base over here xD

If you accidentally stumbled upon this site, thanks for stopping by and I hope you find something useful !




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